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There’s no business like SNOW business


The “Beast from the East” has started to make its presence felt the last few hours in Cardiff Bay. Whilst the chances of snow sticking are pretty unlikely, many of our employees are a bit worried about the journey home and getting in to work for the rest of the week…

It may seem like an unnecessary outlay for the few days in the year that the UK experiences extreme weather, but it’s at times like these that associated adverse weather policies can be worth their weight in gold. In today’s business climate – where there is an expectation that staff can work flexibly irrespective of whether or not they can get to the office – it is not only a bit embarrassing if a piece of work gets delayed because of bad weather or road closures, it could cost you a client.

Clearly setting out your business’ expectations in the event that employees cannot make it into the office is extremely important both from a commercial and HR perspective. Knowing arrangements around pay in the event that e.g. the office is closed can help to avoid unnecessary confusion and/or disputes and ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum.

If you would like to learn more about adverse weather and travel disruption policies, or would like guidance on agile working, please contact Claire or Rebecca in the employment department.


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